Maybe you’ve bought a phone second hand or you’ve got one from ebay with a sketchy seller. You turn on the phone or reset it and boom…sign in with the previous owners Google account

9/10 times they’re genuine people and will sign out for you. If not…then I’m glad you made it here instead of some indian scam site that promise to remove it for 7000Rupees, magically hacking Googles servers to do so.

This tutorial is for anyone. It’s not that difficult to do and to be fairly honest. The information is everywhere already so I don’t really care or want to know where you sourced an activation locked device from…

  • Windows 7 or later PC, Virtual machines don’t work as the serial port doesn’t get forwarded. Bootcamp is OK!
  • USB Cable for your device
  • Freshly reset Activation locked device (recovery reset just to be sure)
  • Valid sim card – if the device is network locked, find a sim on the network that its locked to (trial and error), if its a blacklisted device you have no hope right now as a phone call is 100% needed
  • RealTerm Installed (download)
  • ADB Installed with Drivers (download)
  • A bluetooth headset or bluetooth device with a Siri/Google Assistant button
  • 30 mins of free time and patience



  • Insert a valid sim into the phone making sure it gets signal and does not ask for an unlocking pin. Make sure you know the networks TopUp or Voicemail number to call
  • Connect the device to wifi, then press the back button several times to get back to the language screen
  • Connect the device then open RealTerm as Administrator
  • Tick the box that says “Half Duplex”
  • Go to the send tab
  • Type the following, replacing the hash’s with the number of the network topup or voicemail
  • Click on “Send ASCII” and it should return OK in the console
  • The phone will call this number, tap on bluetooth and pair your headset here (If this does not show the bluetooth option, downgrade your device to a previous android version)
  • Don’t forget to flash hidden.img seporate if it fails during downgrade in ODIN otherwise the next steps won’t work
  • Hang up the call and go back to the language screen
  • Hold the Assistant button on the headset and tap on Google when it shows up
  • Say anything aloud to show the search bar
  • Delete anything in the text field and type “Calculator” and open the system app
  • Type in the following number:
  • DRParser mode should now open, its a basic dialer
  • Call the number *#0808# and it should open the port settings
  • Enable DM+ACM+ADB and tap ok
  • Type in *#0808# again, select the same option, then tap reboot this time
  • On your PC close RealTerm
  • Open Command Prompt and run the following command
adb devices
  • If the list of devices is empty, make sure you tap Allow and remember the adb request on the device, then try running the command again
  • Once your device shows (usually random numbers and letters followed by the word “device’) proceed
  • Now type in the following command:
adb shell content insert --uri content://settings/secure --bind name:s:user_setup_complete --bind value:s:1
  • On the phone, tap begin or Ok to go to the next step, it should set up like a normal device. A black screen for a minute or two is normal
  • Once set up, sign in with your OWN Google account then reset the device from the settings NOT recovery!
  • The device should now be able to be setup and used like any other normal phone. Your device is now FRP unlocked!
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