You might know of the normal networks in Canada, like your normal Rogers, Fido, Bell, and Kodoo (Telus)

Well, I bet you didn’t know something about them. They’re legally obliged to unlock your phone! Whether the phone is under contract or is out of a contract. Whether you bought the phone 10 years ago or 10 hours ago, you can have it unlocked with the network it came with, in Canada!

Of course, things can go wrong in the normal carrier unlocking process. Things like:

  1. The carrier wanting information you don’t have
  2. The carrier wanting the previous contract info
  3. The carrier failing in general (happens a lot)
  4. The device being blacklisted in CA
  5. The device is stolen/lost
  6. The device has a pending payment due
  7. Human error

That’s where we step in. If any of the above happen, we can still unlock your device even when your carrier can’t/won’t. Of course, try your carrier first! You never know if it’ll work.

Blacklist Services

Blacklisted devices are becoming more and more common in a world of second-hand phones and online trading places like eBay, Gumtree and the new addition, Facebook Marketplace. You may have bought these phones accidentally or for your own purpose to use/sell them in another country (good plan).

With an unlocked blacklisted phone, you can use any network in any country, apart from in the country of its blacklisted origin. We offered these services for unlocking blacklisted devices for almost a year. They were popular but we have run into an issue…no one is unlocking them any more. Our sources for suppliers of blacklist unlocking has run dry. Until further notice, our blacklist services will not be functional. Do not attempt to buy them from the store section. We apologize for any inconvenience!


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