You might know after the whole situation with Facebook etc, the government has come into play yet again regarding peoples privacy and what sites can do about it, just kidding this has been a long time coming since 2016 and everyone just forgot about it. Then decided to blame Facebook because its fun and who actually likes Mark anyway?

We should like to announce that we have a full Privacy Policy which anyone can read at any time, which tells you anything and everything you may need to know regarding how and what we store and what and how we share it. This is important, please read it.

iOS 11.X Developer links are live again, we were having some issues with our previous .mobileconfig becoming unsigned but we seem to have fixed this issue and were signed all the way into 2019! Who’s excited for WWDC? We are! Expect us to be tweeting about it on @iD0ts twitter page.

We had a brief issue with SSL on our site, that seems to be fixed now so the site should now be fully HTTPS and SSL enabled.

MusicLand is now BACK! The site was offline for several weeks due to a great bug called Error 500, the most generic error there is (helpful right?), We’ve managed to get it back online but with some downsides…

  • Top 40, Top Tracks and Top Albums are now Local, meaning they are influenced by what users listen to on the site itself, not from the actual Top 40 list on Spotify.
  • All users were reset. Did you have a playlist you liked? Were sorry! The whole database was gone before we could even back it up
  • Were unsure how long the Localized Top playlists will have to be used for, more or less – blame Spotify for breaking the API.

On the upside, Twitter previews now work when you share a link to a song or album. Cool right?

That’s all for just now, we will be sure to keep you updated with everything that’s going on as soon as it happens!

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