The past month has been nothing but hectic for the DU Team, after a “cafuffle” with a hosting scare that we couldn’t pay our bills on time, and a drop in visitors. We were ready to call it quits. After telling people of our situation, the community responded drastically! We have never seen stats like it before on this site and it’s amazing! We honestly cant thank everyone enough.

Now that thats out the way, we’re also updating our store, so prepare for outages and random things being in the wrong place for a while again whilst we sort ourselves out.

We’re hiring! We have so many roles available its amazing. Fill out a form here and we will get back to you about possibly taking you onboard DU Team! Exciting news.

After all of that, DU’s birthday is coming up, so as a thank you to our customers and to everyone who supports us (Including you guys at Orbital Fantasy, we wouldn’t still be here without you guys). Instead of closing down in August…WE’RE HAVING A SALE!

We hope eveyone’s enjoying the weather and having a great summer, Until next time,

Dots – DUTeam Leader

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