Vodafone, a company with sometimes good deals, expensive roaming costs and bad customer service (so it seems from a breif google on them and a talk with previous customers)

…oh and we forgot the almost complete inability to unlock iPhones from their network.

All iPhones currently must be 3 months old AND have been activated at least 3 months ago, otherwise Vodafone will reject the unlock. We are unsure why, but we’re taking it with a grain of salt. This is not the first time its happened and we don’t ever expect it to be the last with this company.

As for O2, this is unexpected. Most unlocking is approved and completed within 3 working days. So far we have seen unlocks process for up to 2 whole weeks! We are in talks with a new unlock supplier who has shown a faster way but its slightly more expensive. I’m sure customers will understand the small price rise to keep the turnaround time as short as possible.

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