Ill keep this one quick, This is only for Samsungs which have FRP lock.

Step 1 – Reset the device afresh from Recovery, allow to fully reboot back to the setup screen afterwarrds. Do not press anything.

Step 2 – Boot the device into download mode, take note of which number is next to “B:” as this will be nessasary, in this tutorial we will be assuming it is 3.

Step 3 – Google the following “‘XXXXX’ U’X’ COMBINATION FILE” where ‘XXXXX’ is your devices exact model number and ‘X’ is the number next to the B in download mode, in this tutorial we will be using an A510F. To ensure this combination file is compatible, please make sure that the file has either ‘U3’ or any number above it. Any numbers below such as ‘U2’ will not flash and may brick your device.

Step 4 – Flash the Combination file using Odin, once flashed allow the device to fully boot.

Step 5 – Open Settings, About and enable Developer Options

Step 6 – Open the Developer Options, turn on ADB Debugging and if OEM Unlocking is there, enable that too.

Step 7 – Turn off the device and unplug the cable. Allow to sit for 30 seconds.

Step 8 – Boot device into recovery and Wipe data/cache, reboot and allow a full boot to the home screen again.

Step 9 – Enable the ADB debugging + OEM Unlocking again.

Step 10 – Boot the device back into Download mode and flash stock AP file, DO NOT FLASH CSC, BL, CP OR UMT.

Step 11 – Once fully booted, go through the setup if there is one, then enable OEM Unlocking and ADB Debugging again.

Steo 12 – Power off and reset the device from Recovery once again.

Step 13 – Boot straight back into Download mode and fully flash stock, all files (frp lock should state off, if not then you’ve missed a step)

Step 14 – The phone should now fully boot up now FRP clean, if the phone gets stuck on the Samsung logo do another reset from recovery.


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