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Back from the dead!

After a brief downtime due to hosting bills and website maintenance we are back! Something i never thought I’d be doing for a 3rd year in a row is renewing this website, but regarding its growth over the past few months I felt obliged to. I would like to thank everyone Read more…

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LTD SC603884

It’s official! DotsUnlocks is now a trading legal company under the name DOTSUNLOCKS LTD! We just thought that was an exciting bit of news, we know it wasn’t really much info for a blog post but we hit a milestone and we may as well share it with you guys


MusicLand – A music lovers obsession An oldie but a goodie project by DU Team. MusicLand is a web music streaming service combining several public API’s into one major package. Music/Videos – Youtube Search – Youtube/Spotify Lyrics – Spotify/Discogs Genres – Playlists/Top50 – Spotify With MusicLand you can listen AD FREE to your music, Read more…

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GDPR and More

You might know after the whole situation with Facebook etc, the government has come into play yet again regarding peoples privacy and what sites can do about it, just kidding this has been a long time coming since 2016 and everyone just forgot about it. Then decided to blame Facebook Read more…

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Canadian Carriers + More!

You might know of the normal networks in Canada, like your normal Rogers, Fido, Bell, and Kodoo (Telus) Well, I bet you didn’t know something about them. They’re legally obliged to unlock your phone! Whether the phone is under contract or is out of a contract. Whether you bought the phone 10 Read more…

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Shop Rebuilding

With the latest catastrophe of our site having to reset back to the basics with no backup, we’ve been slowly updating our store with new and improved products and prices! Admittedly this is taking a lot more time than I’d like but a mixture of being ill and only having Read more…