All of our Apple Beta profiles are sourced directly from the Apple Developer Portal. Yes we do Mirror those files in case the portal either gets shut down or the normal method of collecting and sharing these profiles gets patched. All files are original and can be compared. We work to coincide with DanielD3V and we are featured on his site, the original site of the iOS 11 Beta leak.

We ask that you use these files responsibly, if you don’t then we won’t be held liable for any damage caused. Simple really. If you need help installing the iOS Beta, ask me on twitter @id0ts or @dotsunlocks

Yes we use ADF.LY links to our files. How else are we supposed to make any money hosting these files, not only is hosting not free but we also take the risk of recieving a full website takedown for re-uploading these files.

iOS Beta Profile

tvOS Beta Profile

watchOS Beta Profile

(Install to Apple Watch NOT iDevice)

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