You may have purchased a device from CarPhone Warehouse if you live in the UK. There is several downsides to buying a CPW device.

  • The device locks to the first network sim card you put in it. For example. If you buy the phone from them on EE. You could put an O2 sim in it before an EE one and it would lock to O2 instead. This is great as you can get phones cheaper but annoying as you can’t change afterwards.
  • CPW Devices are not officially unlocked by carriers. Carriers do not support CPW devices, the network lock placed on CPW Devices are managed by CPW themselves. Meaning its more difficult to unlock.
  • CPW Do not unlock their devices. More or less, if you take your phone to CPW and ask to unlock it. They will point blank refuse or charge you horrendous prices for it.
  • CPW Devices are not covered under normal unlocks unless the title has CPW in it. These unlocks usually cost a fraction more than a regular unlock.


CPW and Phones4U are UK sellers only as far as we can tell. Rule of thumb, don’t buy phones from here unless you absolutely have to.