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DotsUnlocks is a small team of people who aim to provide the best mobile services there can be. From providing services such as iPhone Unlocking to FRP removal, our staff are fully customer service trained to attend to every one of your mobiles needs.

Need something we don’t have yet? Let us know at the bottom and we will be sure to get back to you to see if we can add it.

Why use us?

I mean, not that you need convincing?


Got a question or need help with your order? Don't be afraid to ask us! We have admin's online almost 24/7 with a response time of 30 minutes minimum!


We can unlock a huge variety of mobiles and networks, from almost every country! If you don't see your device or network - message us! We will be more than happy to source and unlock for you


We have a stunning timing for unlocks. Meaning less time waiting for your unlock and more time using your device. We even alert users of expected delays before they order!

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Our Team

We keep our frontend team small to ensure a high quality and uniform service


CEO, Manager, Unlocker, MusicLand

I've owned the DotsUnlocks site for 3 years now! I have personal experience in unlocking and repairing almost every mobile device



Social Media, Shop Manager, Marketing, MusicLand

I'm fairly new to the DotsUnlocks site, joining at the beginning of January 2018. I aim to provide a great social media experience for customers and clients alike



Unlocker, Shop Manager, Marketing, Advertising, Graphics

I'm a new member of the DU Team, joining in June 2018.

Unlocking your device?

Our unlocking services are quick, easy to use, and require little to no effort to do. We do offer more than iPhone unlocks, so be sure to check out our full store!

UK iPhone Network Unlocking

starting at £23

  • 5 Days average
  • Keep your own phone
  • Track your order progress
  • 1 Payment for ALL NETWORKS
  • Forever Unlocked after order
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starting at £10

  • 5 Days average
  • Keep your own phone
  • Track your order progress
  • 1 Payment for ALL NETWORKS
  • Forever Unlocked after order
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