Dots Unlocks

…somewhere to call your own. Welcome to my home on the internet.

About me

I’m a WordPress web developer based in Scotland, UK.

I currently manage social media teams for Fone Unlocker UK, a growing mobile phone repair chain in central Scotland. Their website was also built up by myself using WordPress as a base platform.

I live with my partner, dog and two cats. Life is boring yet hectic at the same time, who knew becoming a proper adult was so stressful.

So what's this site for?

You tell me! You’re the one who got here. I’m assuming you’re looking for information about me so well, here it is. Not alot to see, right?

I’ll mainly use this site to post things that interest me, things I’m publicly working on, and things that will maybe interest you.

What happened to DotsUnlocks itself?

We still exist, just without a web presence. We work together now in a close knit team. DotsUnlocks failed for a number of reasons, but consistency and communication (or lack thereof) was our main downfall. We’re sorry to see it go, and we’re sure you are too. Majority of it’s infrastructure was inadvertantly adopted into Fone Unlocker UK.